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Highly qualified experienced staffs are encouraged to keep abreast with the latest development in the field of analysis, design, construction materials and construction techniques
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Our aim is to deliver and exceed our client’s expectations. We do this by continually improving our procedures, investing in a progressive staff training and development program
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Global Engineering Center in Gurgaon meets the to address the Indian and global infrastructure needs. The Global Engineering Center at Gurgaon will facilitate cooperation...
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DCE Global has advanced instruments for carrying out Land surveys and Geo-technical investigations and had successfully executed wide range of projects in the respective fields
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to DCE Global


UK based engineers & consultants with Global Engineering Center in Gurgaon, New Delhi and representing working office in Dubai & Sydney deals in outsourcing, representation, collaboration & working partner for your design/build projects in the field of infrastructures, Oil & Petrochemicals, Telecom & Power projects.W e are the group of qualified engineers deliver sound and environmentally sustainable solutions for all forms of structure  utilizing up-to-date practices and modern 3D modelling techniques. Our aim is to deliver and wherever possible exceed our client’s expectations. We do this by continually improving our procedures and by investing in a progressive staff training and development programme. This results in a solution-focused attitude that creates an extremely positive environment within our offices.

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our services

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Design & Build

DCE Global provides integrated design and builds services to public and private sector clients.

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IT Sector

DCE Global technology arm providing a large number of engineering/knowledge & back office remote processing operations in their Global Engineering Center based in Gurgaon, New Delhi, India.

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In-House Recruitment Agency

We are leading supplier of technical & professional staff to local bodies, private & public sector organization.

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Trading House

DCE Global trading house mediate between India and European Business Ventures. We export development project to India, negotiated transaction and trade within India, Asian & European countries.

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