IT Services & Digital Transformation

DCE Global – IT services & Digital Transformation is a customer focused, full spectrum IT services firm that differentiates itself through its values, commitment and reliable solutions.

We are committed to building products and solutions for our customers, which are easy-to-work-with for masses and adds value to the lives of people & businesses, providing a smart blend of human & technology competencies. We, at DCE, keep constantly analyzing the new market trends, changing dynamics in the world of digital information and how this all can be used for benefiting our customers to maintain the competitive edge in their own markets.

Our group consists of veterans from the field of information technology, who started their career with first generation languages and have been part of the IT wave, digital transformation, big data, mobility & artificial intelligence.

As quoted “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” Actions create results, results provide information, the information provides feedback. Feedback is real-life processing. Feedback from the customer and their customers, who use our solutions or services is a significant factor in our persistent, steady growth and providing better services to our clients.

Delivering solution with a degree or grade of excellence and on time is what we call as “quality”. A customer is a sole reason for our existence. Our superior engineering capabilities, transparent processes and proven global distributed delivery model ensures that you get the products, services and solutions of the highest standards. Our areas of expertise:

  • Complex data-driven web and mobile applications
  • Data analytics
  • UI/UX design services
  • Product designing
  • Social media marketing and campaigning
  • Digital transformation consulting
  • Trunkey solutions for-
    • e-commerce
    • simple websites or mobile apps
    • customer relationship management
  • Testing frameworks and processes for your products and services
  • Automation testing of software products
  • Setting up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipeline with tools and process consulting
  • Training in various domains and processes such as banking, agile, road safety, healthcare etc.