Main – Activities ( Permanent & Temporary Works Design)

 Structural Design, Assessment, Assurance & Third Party CAT II or  III Check :

( Permanent Works Design ) :

  • Architectural engineering for commercial, hospitals, educational institutes, multi-storied, leisure, retail and housing schemes includes structures, electrical, drainage, HVAC & others from concept to commissioning.
  • Railway engineering and associated structures.
  • General civil & structural drainage, sewerage, multi-storied buildings with all forms of building materials like steel, concrete, composite, Masonry, Glass and Timber
  • The structural design of Highways, Railway Bridges in Steel, Concrete, Composite,  & Pre-Stressed material.
  • Civil & Structural design of power projects from concepts to commissioning for diesel, thermal, gas, hydro and offshore / Onshore wind projects
  • Power transmission projects, check survey and tower spotting for transmission lines up to 400 KV, tower structural design & CAD works.
  • Power substation projects with civil and substation design from concept to commissioning including gantry, equipment, general civil, buildings &  others.
  •  Microwave, TV tower, telecom and mobile cellular tower network projects.
    Design & civil execution of microwave tower, roof/ground based cellular tower (lattice or tubular) and others from site selection to completion.
  • Oil petrochemicals, upstream & downstream projects.
  • GIS, land survey, digitisation and geotechnical investigation.
  •  Port, harbours, jetties, MOF and marine projects.

( Temporary Works Design ) :

  • Site appraisals, surveys, meeting & proposal
  • Scaffolding Design
  • Deep excavations support & basements propping design
  • Cofferdams & Shafts design
  • Gabion / embedded / gravity retaining walls support
  • Trenches, electric cable joint bays route structures, pipelines   crossing / Diversion of water, utility telecom & power sector projects
  • Working & pilling platforms / mats
  • Haul roads & reinforcement cage design
  • Fencing, hoarding/signage design,
  • Earthwork cutting supports in embankments
  • Sheet piling & king post retaining walls
  • Tower crane base foundations
  • Crane outrigger & bearing capacity analysis
  • Needling / Propping design
  • Excavation, propping & shoring Design
  • Facade retention & masonry restraint design
  • Bridge launching & self-launching gantries
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Temporary steel/concrete structures design
  • Hydraulics, pipelines & open channel design
  • Underpinning
  • Site inspection & permit to load assessment